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Ann Healy, ADCRG, TCRG

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Welcome to the Healy School of Irish Dance!

For over one hundred years, the Healy Irish Dance Studio has promoted Irish dance and Irish culture throughout the Bay Area. Established in 1871, the Healy Irish Dance Studio is the longest running Irish dance school in the world. The teaching staff at this family-run Irish dance school has spanned 5 generations.

Our goal at Healy is to teach each dancer to the best of their ability and provide numerous opportunities for learning and success. Dancers will learn traditional Irish dance in a fun and positive environment. Irish dance is a healthy activity that not only provides great exercise, but also increases poise and confidence, improves concentration, increases balance and coordination, and promotes structure and discipline. Our dancers' health and livelihood is extremely important not only during their dance careers, but afterwards as well. Dance classes consist of warm-up, flexibility, and endurance components to ensure proper technique and overall fitness of all dancers at all levels.

We offer all students the opportunity to participate in both solo and team classes. Our dancers have many opportunities to share what they learn in class with their community through competitions and performances. Many Healy dancers compete locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Our performances highlights include the San Francisco Giants two Irish Heritage Nights and the San Francisco St. Patrick's Day Parade. See our Photo Album for show photos.

Healy Irish Dance Studio

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