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About Healy School of Irish Dance


How It Started

In the late 1800s, William J. Healy emigrated from Co. Cork bringing with him a love for Irish music and dance. William J. Healy was known for dancing hornpipes and many of the other traditional dances of Ireland which he passed on to his son William P. Healy. So inspired by his father′s passion for Irish dance, William P. founded The Healy School of Irish Dance. In a small but developing Irish community, William P. kept the tradition alive with the help of his daughter Ann Healy.

A Family Tradition

As a young girl Ann grew up in a house full of Irish music and she was introduced to all types of dance, though none interested her as much as Irish Dancing. The Healy School became involved in all the Irish activities in the San Francisco area and represented Ireland at the 1936 World Fair on Treasure Island. Ann helped her father with classes and eventually took over the school. The school is now run by Ann Healy’s daughter, PattiAnn Ranum, and granddaughter, Alisa Belew.

Awards & Recognition

The Healy School of Irish Dance has received international recognition for awards won at the World Championships and the North American Irish Dance Championships. The school represents dancers of all ages and abilities and plays a big role in promoting Irish dance and Irish culture in their community.


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